Gallery - Ring O' Fire 2012


The images above are just a small selection from the Ring O' Fire 2012. For more images and news coverage visit:

Anglesey's 131-mile ultra-marathon follows coast path (BBC News)
Official RoF2012 images on Facebook - Day 1
Official RoF2012 images on Facebook - Day 2
Official RoF2012 images on Facebook - Day 3

What do people say about us?

"Big heartfelt thanks to ALL RoF team for an excellent weekends adventure around your lovely island with like minded lunatics. You need to make it tougher though because even though I had NO sleep for two nights due to a mating walrus in the room and nature threw some pretty grim weather at us on day two I still managed, albeit only just, to complete the challenge and I loved it. You know when your truly knackered when you're marching along and you can't even bother to deviate your stride from hitting an enormous fresh steaming cow poop. Not an event to be taken lightly."
Past Ring O' Fire finisher