Firelighter Honours

Firelighter 2019


(36.7 miles / 57.2 kms)

Owen Humphries
5 hrs 53 mins
Tory Grieves
6 hrs 11 mins
John Owen
6 hrs 17 mins

Winner - Ring O' Fire 2019

Firelighter 2018


(36.7 miles / 57.2 kms)

Neil Martin
5 hrs 21 mins
Owain Hunt Williams
5 hrs 51 mins
Gareth Allman
5 hrs 51 mins


Merilin Sikk
6 hrs 17 mins

Winner - Ring O' Fire 2018

Firelighter 2017


(36.7 miles / 57.2 kms)

Paul Wathan
5 hrs 37 mins
David Crawford
6 hrs 2 mins
Sallie Holt
6 hrs 22 mins

Winner - Ring O' Fire 2017

What do people say about us?

"Dearest Ring O' Fire bods, thank you so much for an epic weekend! That was total nails, and I feel like I've earned every single last one of those 5 UTMB points. Could I just ask the marshalls who were in the half-way checkpoint, if they have my grey Arc'teryx running top? A bloke was running with me for awhile with no waterproof kit (I know. Lol) so I gave it him to wear. He then dnf'd at that half-way checkpoint. I was told by another runner he had handed it in. It's my favourite running top!! Please, please, please... just let me know if it's amongst the gear and I'll happily pay for the postage for its return. I have a photo if that helps (I just cant seen to upload it to this page). Thank you, Lucie"
Past Ring O' Fire finisher