Firelighter Honours

Firelighter 2018


(36.7 miles / 57.2 kms)

Neil Martin
5 hrs 21 mins
Owain Hunt Williams
5 hrs 51 mins
Gareth Allman
5 hrs 51 mins


Merilin Sikk
6 hrs 17 mins

Winner - Ring O' Fire 2018

Firelighter 2017


(36.7 miles / 57.2 kms)

Paul Wathan
5 hrs 37 mins
David Crawford
6 hrs 2 mins
Sallie Holt
6 hrs 22 mins

Winner - Ring O' Fire 2017

What do people say about us?

"All in all, I wake up this morning nursing some very sore feet and heavy legs but feel amazing, I am definitely in for next years race. I am sure this will become one of our nations greatest races very soon. I sincerely hope you manage to keep its rawness when that happens."
Past Ring O' Fire finisher